Podcast Ruined by a Software Engineer

Podcast Ruined by a Software Engineer

I've got an idea; now what? Techies, entrepreneurs, parties of one and many—Perry Tiu invites passionate guests to look back at how they got to where they are, talk about their experience and share invaluable advice (while Perry constantly interrupts them and asks what technologies they are falling in love with). Start listening and get motivated to do more.

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Feb 2024

 Solving "It Works On My Machine" with Ramiro Berrelleza | Ep. 37

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Guest links: LinkedIn, Twitter, okteto.com

Reach out to podcast@okteto.com for a free session on how to improve your developer's experience.

Ramiro Berrelleza is the Founder and CEO of Okteto, an online platform where a team of developers can automatically spin up development environments on the cloud so they can all be coding in the same app configurations.

Dive into topics such as what it took to deliver software on a hard yearly deadline, how you can build a team before building a product, what kind of feature requests come in from developers using your tools and much more. Hosted by Perry Tiu.

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